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In an industry where record labels promote hype and measure marketability in dollar signs, Big Ali is set apart by his passion, talent, and vision. Regarded by many as one of the best party MC's in the world, Big Ali sets every party, event, and track on fire. Never constrained by the boundaries of genre, technical knowledge or even language, he has emerged as the self-professed 'Trans-Atlantic Champion' racking up more frequent flyer miles than American Express can tally. Living up to his reputation as world-famous party MC, Big Ali tours in places like China, Africa, and the middle east ie... Dubai, Beruit, Egypt and is the official host of the infamous P.Diddy bash in St. Tropez every year, Artist, producer, writer, DJ and engineer; Big Ali is lighting the world of music on fire. Born and raised in the hip-hop capital of the world, Big Ali has taken that New York City sound from Queens to the rest of the globe. Big Ali's passion for music is evident in everything he produces including collaborative projects with artists such as Bob Sinclair, Kat Deluna, Beenie Man, Magic System, Kool Shen ( of NTM ) to name a fe ...Lire la suite
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