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With the enthusiastic audience with Pub SOSH title "Don Quichotte" he returned with a new stage name : Pierre Ex Magazine 60  with his album called The Origin ( solo artist ) and its 15 tracks .   Pub TV Sosh 2013 "Don Quixote" Magazine 60 sets the tempo of the Wifi Party LivingSosh   he released a new album ( Live) by El Chico 15 tracks showing his hits Remix "Cover Don Quichotte ", " Costa Del Sol ", " Pancho Villa ", " Florida Mix" and his creations !   El Chico said Pierre Magazine 60 interpreter Guitarist, with the title Don Quichotte, Costa Del Sol, Pancho Villa, Mix Florida, Hasta Luego Trinidad, People for peace John Lennon, Dance melody , Playa Del Amor Que No Sa, Stay Away, Stay By Me ( composer Pierre mastro ) tube 80 , ranks in the world hits and gets the best place in the TOP 50 and U.S. billboard.   From the movie " Lost Girls Oily Hair ." Selection CANNES 2002 and Don Quichotte , taken by WILL -IAM ex Black eyes Peas becomes " I go to from Mama" in 2007 on TF1 cartoon TFou selection of one of my songs Kung football ...Lire la suite
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