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Nortreus Werley is a young Haitian gospel recording Artist, Songwriter, Author, Drummer, also a Preacher, raised by his Father "Clodius" and his Mother "Elisena", he was born at Cap-Haitien, Haiti, in 1993. He was born into a Christian family, he became a young superstar his own of all his talents, he's so gifted and passionate of Music and Film acting, during his early life, he used to participated in Awards with the Youth people of the Church "Eglise Baptiste Amitiee Chretienne", since in Haiti, every year, because the Youth President honored the group that won the Award. With his music career he has sold a lot of mp3 copies of his albums from his music stores results, In 2012, Nortreus Werley also wrote a book called (Invite Jesus into your life), this book is available on or on Kindle, it's a very amazing and powerful book, it will help people know much better about God, and also what they should know to serve Jesus well, this book is Based on Faith, Hope, Love, Serve, Courage, Grace. It shows people how to serve Jesus, this book can help them figure out that they were in the wrong way. I ...Lire la suite
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