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Paroles de Advertising Space

There's no earthly way of knowing
What was in your heart
When it stopped going
the whole world shook
a storm was blowing through you
waiting for god to stop this
and up to your neck in darkness
everyone around you was corrupted
say something

there's no dignity in death
to sell the world your last breath
we're still fighting over everything you left..oh

[Répétition 1] :
I saw you standing at the gates
when Marlon Brando passed away
you had that look upon your face
advertising space

[Répétition 2] :
no one learned from your mistakes
we let our profits go to waste
all that's left in any case
is advertising space

through your eyes the world was burning
please be gentle I'm still learning
you seemed to say as you kept turning up
they poisoned you with compromise
at what point did you realise
everybody loves your life but you

a special agent for the man
through watergate and vietnam
no one really gave a damn
do you think the CIA did

[Répétition 1]

[Répétition 2]

oooh oooh
oooh oooh

[Répétition 2]

I've seen your daughter man she's cute
I was scared but I wanted to
boy she looks a lot like you

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