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Born in Paris to parents from Martinique, Terry Brival spent his childhood in Saint-Gratien, a small town in the Val d'Oise in 95 ... This is the age of 4 his mother discovered his talent on a 45 turns of Stevie Wonder entitled "I just call to say I love you", in reproducing the same voice of the star Anglo-Saxon. But the revelation was made much later in college, when Terry begins to hum "I believe I can fly", of the famous R-Kelly, in full voice to all his fellows on the play ground, all gathered around him as he never the wished ... The history of Terry Brival continues on entering of High School, where he met Yann S and Nikko (2 Wayz) during a voice exchange during the break a good morning ... He works with Yann S (an old friend) , to form the duo "Vocals Players" : a period of intensive and hard work, chaining the hearings, private singing lessons, etc ... Until the days when Terry had to opt for a break in his musical career to pursue her studies and do various training ... This was only nine years later, that they meet in March 2007 in the heart of Paris, Yann returning from Guyana and preparing ...Lire la suite
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