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 Matthew Stolarz was dissatisfied. A Los Angeles native, he had helped form and was playing bass in an punk rock band, but it just wasn't enough. Drawing from a wide range of influences, he had written an abundance of material that needed a proper home. He quit to make this happen, and formed the Active Set. Collaborating in the studio with his former band mates a six-song EP was created. Within a year the lineup was secured and the band became regulars in the L.A. scene, favoring the east side venues over the west side ones. After a successful bout of regional touring, the band decided to begin work on their first album. After independently releasing and promoting two singles, “11” (which consisted of 11 songs, clearly) was released to great reviews, including a feature in the L.A. Times, celebrating the album’s energy and eclecticism. They continued to support the album, traveling to SXSW and eventually touring with Neon Trees and AWOL Nation. Back in L.A. the band started writing a wealth of new songs, and continued playing up and down California, including a stop at Sunset Strip Music Festival. After ...Lire la suite

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