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Clip The Beloved - Sweet harmony

Lola2929 - 25 Juillet 2008 à 22h54 sur Clip The Beloved - Sweet harmony

super cool

The Beloved

Ce titre provient de l'album : Single File

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Paroles de Sweet Harmony

Auteur : Helena Marsh - Editeur : EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING FRANCE
Is it right or wrong Try to find a place We can all belong? Be as one Try to get on by If we unify We should really try... All this time Spinning round and round Made the same mistakes That we've always found Surely now We culd move along Make a better world? No it can't be wrong Let's come together Right now Oh yeah In sweet harmony Time is running out Let there be no doubt We should sort things out If we care Like we say we do Not just empty words For a week or two Make the world Your priority Try to live your life Ecologically Play a part In a greater scheme Try to live the dream On a wider scene Let's come together Right now Oh yeah In sweet harmony

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